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Mrs. Perell

I have a variety of experiences that have led me to become a teacher. For the last 20 years, I have been running an interior design business. I started transitioning to education 4 years ago after being inspired to work more with kids. I had been volunteering as a Girl Scout leader for a couple of years, and wanted to further the experience of making the world a better place. I started substitute teaching, then working as a full-time paraprofessional. Working one on one with children that require individualized attention, pushed me to continue my own education, and earn my Master of Arts in Education.  


Though my work as an interior designer seems very different from teaching, both jobs are the same at the core. Both professions require me to understand and provide for the needs of others. I do this through listening, observing, being creative, and handling all things with detail and care. Through these skills, becoming an educator continues to help me reach my goal of making the world a better place. 


I look forward to using my skills to nurture your child and inspire their love of learning.

Jacqueline Perell
3rd Grade Teacher
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