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2020-21 Supply Lists

supplies list

Hybrid In-Person Learning

Crayons (24 ct.)
Washable Markers/Broad Tip Classic Colors (8 ct.)
Pencils (24 ct.)
Pencil Sharpener
Colored pencils (12 ct.)
Washable glue sticks (2)
Red Pens (2)
Spiral Notebooks/ 1-Subject/Wide Rule (3)
2-pocket folders (5)
Highlighters/Chisel Tip/ Orange (1) and Yellow (1)
5” Pointed tip scissors (1 pr.)
Dry erase chisel tip markers (4)
Whiteboard eraser (store-bought or homemade)
12” Standard/metric ruler (transparent preferred)
Refillable Water Bottle
2 well-fitted masks (in Ziploc Baggie with name on it)
2 containers of Clorox Wipes
Paper Towels

Please have your child bring these items back to school that they have at home:
• Whiteboard
• Math workbooks & counters (if you have some at home)
• reading and writing magazines
Supplies to Bring and Leave (preferably in a pencil box/bag) :
Sharpened Pencils
Hand Pencil sharpener
Red Pen
Coloring supplies
Glue stick

Mentor Texts: Your Government At Work, Through the Storyteller’s Eyes
Robot Revolution, Heroes and Villains
Reading Spiral
Writers Notebook

Pink Fact of the Day Laminated Card
Yellow Fraction of the Day Laminated Card
Math Review Packet # 3
Math workbooks 4, 5, 6, 7
Reference Ring
Fraction Strips
Base 10 blocks (green/yellow) blocks
Math Spiral

Yellow Growth Mindset Folder
Dry Erase Board/Marker
1 package of Gallon size zip lock bags
1 hand sanitizer
1 disinfectant wipes
An extra face mask
Charged Laptop
Whiteboard (from Teacher at beginning of the year)
Math Books
Reading/ELA Books
Headphones/Earbuds (if available)
Whiteboard eraser/sock
Dry Erase Marker
4 – Spiral Notebooks
12” rulers
Extra mask
Hand Sanitizer

Remote Learning

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