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3rd Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

Third grade is an exciting year! In this transition from the primary grades to the intermediate grades, the children will experience many exciting learning challenges. As third graders, students will demonstrate Churchill's "4 R's" which are represented on posters throughout the building.
The 4 Rs are as follows:
  • I show RESPECT for myself and others.
  • I follow our ROUTINES everyday.
  • I am RESPONSIBLE for my actions and my belongings.
  • I work to build a good REPUTATION for myself and my school.
Some experiences incoming third graders will encounter are:
  • using a daily assignment notebook that will be shared with a parent/guardian each night
  • opportunities for extra-curricular activities
  • the SEEDkids program, which is a curriculum established to celebrate diversity
We are a dedicated team that believes in meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of our children. With this team approach, we look forward to working with you, the parents and guardians, to make this a successful third grade year!

The Third Grade Team
  • Greg Brown
  • Debbie Clark
  • Darlene Gallagher
  • Taylor Hogan/Marisa Alborn
  • Mary Hrymak
  • Martin Johnson
  • Cathy Matula
  • Tene Means
  • Vicki Nieto