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Clubs & Activities

2023-2024 Clubs/Activities Session 1 

Sponsor:       Mrs. Siegler  
Day:             Thursdays (Oct. 5-Nov. 16)      
Time:            3:15-4:15pm  
Location:       Art Room 31 
Grades:        5th grade only 
Enrollment:   20 students  
Churchill Art Club is a chance for students who show an interest in art to spend additional time exploring art-making and talking about art with other art-minded students. We will go beyond the art class curriculum when exploring materials, processes, art history, and art culture. Occasionally there will be opportunities to partake in art-related service projects as well. 
Sponsor:     Ms. Ledesma 
Day:            Wednesday mornings (Oct. 4-Nov. 15)   
Time:           7:10-8:10am 
Location:      Room 43 
Grades:        3rd grade only 
Enrollment:   7 students                                                                                                               
Do you enjoy a good book and wish you can read with a friend or make a new friend?  Do you wish you could find a good book to read?  Books & Bagels wants you to come and sign up!  Books & Bagels will be hosted on Wednesday mornings.  During Books & Bagels students will read, ask each other questions, build from each other responses, and increase social skills all while enjoying a morning pastry or fruit.  Books & Bagels is a safe environment for all students to come and enjoy a great read. 
Sponsor:      Ms. Ledesma 
Day:             Wednesdays (Oct. 4-Nov. 15)   
Time:            3:15-4:15pm 
Location:      Room 43 
Grades:         4th grade only 
Enrollment:    7 students                                                                                                                                     
A digital newsletter made by students about everything that is happening here at Churchill.  A newsletter will be shared with staff and families monthly.  Students will highlight all the fun, exciting, and amazing activities and lessons happening in our building.   
Sponsor:      Mrs. Caldanaro & Ms. Davis 
Day:             Mondays & Wednesdays (Oct. 2-Nov. 27)        
Time:            3:15-4:15pm  
Location:      Gym 
Grades:         3rd, 4th, 5th grades     
Enrollment:    24 students  
We invite all Churchill students who have a need for speed to run with us after school!  Do you enjoy feeling the wind against your face & running like an Olympic track star? Inviting all Churchill students who want to fly like the wind.  This is your chance to race, play games and have fun with your friends. 
Sponsor:       Mr. Kovarik 
Day:              Wednesdays (Oct. 4-Nov. 15)        
Time:             3:15-4:15pm  
Location:       Room 35 
Grades:          5th grade Only      
Enrollment:     15 students  
Join Dude Crew! We will be completing weekly goals, discussing a variety of topics, watching videos, playing games, making good decisions, learning to be leader, and challenging ourselves to better “dudes.”  
Sponsor:       Ms. Lindquist & Ms. Ledesma 
Day:              Thursdays (Oct. 5-Nov. 16)   
Time:             3:15-4:15pm  
Location:       Room 25 
Grades:         3rd, 4th, 5th      
Enrollment:    5 students  
Early Act is sponsored by the local Rotary Club and teaches respect, compassion, and leadership.  Students will work to recognize real life problems locally and globally while trying to come up with solutions to those issues. 
Sponsor:       Mr. London & Mr. Slusher 
Day:             Thursdays (Oct. 5-Nov. 16)  
Time:            3:15-4:15pm  
Location:      Gym  
Grades:        3rd grade only 
Enrollment:   20 students  
Break out your jogging shoes and get ready to join the fun!  We will spend time on strengthening exercises, games, sports, activities, and pertinent fitness information. 
Sponsor:       Mrs. Wesley & Ms. Musharbash 
Day:             Thursdays (Oct. 5-Nov.30) 
Time:            3:15-4:15pm 
Location:       Room 33 
Schedule:      3rd grade only  
Enrollment:    15 students  
Girl Power builds positive self-awareness, attitudes, etiquette, goal setting, future career exploration and social skills.  The development of these skills, activities and discussions enables a successful life. 
Sponsor:      Ms. Darin 
Day:             Mondays (Oct. 2-Nov. 27)    
Time:            3:15-4:15pm  
Location:      STEM Lab – Mobile room 45  
Grades:        5th grade only     
Enrollment:   14 students  
The Lego Robotics Club is a club for fifth grade students interested in creating, designing, and programming robots. We meet after school.  Students first build their LEGO robot and then complete a series of robot challenges.  The intent of this program is to learn some basic engineering and coding, problem solving, and scientific concepts around movement (friction, torque, force, gearing concepts, etc).