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Clubs & Activities

Information and Registration for 2019-20

About Churchill School's Extracurriculars

Most of the clubs offered for Churchill students will meet for a period of weeks during the school year—not for the entire school year. This is done in order to accommodate as many students as possible. Activities are scheduled during the week, Monday through Thursday. Fourth and fifth grade students should also consider their potential participation in GOTR, Orchestra, Band and Choir—all of which are significant, year-long commitments. We hope to be able to accommodate all interested students in some way and allow for varied experiences, but please understand, students may not be enrolled in all of their choices.

A course catalog contains descriptions for the activities available this year. An email will be sent home that will link you to Sign-Up Genius. Sign up is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students can only sign up for one club per session. One week prior to the start of each session you will receive an email notifying you of open enrollment for that session. In order to accommodate all students, we ask that students only sign up for two clubs per year.

Several matters should be considered when deciding to enroll your child in an activity:

  • All transportation is the responsibility of the parent.
  • Transportation home must be provided PROMPTLY when sessions are over.
  • Bus transportation will NOT be available for after-school activities.
  • It will be necessary to terminate a student’s participation if a parent is repeatedly late in picking up his/her child.
  • A local emergency number must be provided for an adult available during the activity hour.
    Please consider your child's individual schedule of commitments outside of the school day. Clubs, athletic practice, private music lessons and religious education can all combine for a very hectic schedule for a young child. A few meaningful activities can be much more fulfilling than a week filled with non-stop action!